Where children come first
Where children come first




  • To provide a stimulating and caring environment where children develop an understanding of themselves and the world they live in.
  • To celebrate the diversity of other people and give them a sense of community.
  • To create a family-orientated atmosphere that encourages positive behaviour.
  • To nurture the social skills that embolden them to become independent, risk-taking individuals.
  • To build self-confidence in every child through inspirational teaching.
  • Encourage a sense of adventure combined with learning through physical play, using natural resources and exploring our large outside areas and surrounding open spaces



What do we mean by family orientated?

*We care about each other"

*We take an interest in each other"

*We support each other"

*We protect each other"



Outdoor play is an essential part of learning at Rainbow House, from exploring our twin climbing towers or digging in the mud kitchen, to saving lives in our on-site life boat.




Learning is not just one dimensional.

We aim to inspire children to develop on many levels throughout their time at nursery. All our activities are inspired by childrens' individual interests.





We look to create a stimulating environment that marries each child's sense of individuality with a strong sense of community.





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